Mission and vision
Our primary goal is to support entrepreneurs in the complex process of monitoring and managing the company's financial liquidity, which we achieve by providing a new dimension of accounting services combined with open banking and a complementary offer of advisory services. We focus on a hybrid model of operation, offering a traditional partnership approach in cooperation combined with modern technology that automates the processes of managing company finances and document circulation.
Jarosław Kardynał
Prezes Zarządu | CEO & cofounder
Michał Ruszniak
Dyrektor ds. księgowości | Director of Accounting
From the founders
I have had the great pleasure of working with corporate clients since 2009, when together with my partner, Ms. Irena Kardynał, we established a civil law partnership, whose activities are continued by Kardynał&Kardynał sp. z o.o. Our clients always work closely with one appointed accountant authorized to conduct independent and personnel accounting. We work as a team to service each company, making every effort to ensure that contact with you is ongoing, without delays and always with a ready answer to your questions.
Jarosław Kardynał
Irena Kardynał