Accounting Services for Limited Liability Company


It is a pleasure to offer our services to clients since 2009, when I have established together with my partner, Ms. Irena Kardynał our first company – currently being active as Kardynał&Kardynał LLC. With all of our clients we are establishing strong relationships based on trust, personal and phone contact, advising in all matters related to accountancy, finance and company law. Each of our client is being served by one, delegated accountant that has rights to provide accountancy services and human resources specialist which helps to optimize costs of salaries. Together with this, we are working with each client as a strong team, taking care of our contact being accurate, on time and always with answer ready to all possible questions.


Our long-term goal is to establish for our clients such structures and conditions that would allow them to lead their business safely, optimized and without any burden coming from tax authorities.



Jarosław Kardynał
Chief Executive Officer
Tax optimization expert, knowledgeable of company law. Received his legal education on University of Wroclaw and economic education on Wroclaw University of Economics, specialization: Companies finance management. Acquires widespread experience within management of business from various branches. As a company law expert, lead establishment of over 70 companies and 6 transitions of companies.


Kardynał&Kardynał LLC, registered in court’s register in Zielona Góra, department VIII under the number KRS 0000464121, located in Żagań city (Plac Wolności 6/1, 68-100 Żagań), capital 100.000,00 PLN, REGON 081138451, NIP 9241902588

PhonesAccountancy: 690 464 415
Accountancy: 68 475 16 25
HR: 513 184 675

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