Accounting Services for Limited Liability Company

Low costs
of accounting

Our accounting services are being provided in low-cost location, on the south of lubuskie voivodship. That implies lower costs of business, which lead to even 50% discount for price of our services in comparison to accounting firm being set up in high-cost location.


We are providing possibilities to optimize taxes for small and medium enterprises – solutions, that were so far restricted only for big companies.

to data

For our clients we are providing online tools like “COMARCH Manager’s desktop”, enabling access to accountant data, including payrolls. Moreover, we also offer online reporting with Business Inteligence Analysis.

Wide offer for
Limited liability companies

Most of our clients are LLC (80% in comparison to 20% of single-owned companies). Such a structure of clients, with is not common with polish accountancy companies, allowed us to gather broad know-how needed for problem solving, such as avoidance of double taxation, limited responsibility of owners, transition procedures.

Why LLC is the most commonly used form of business among our clients?

• Limited or excluded responsibility of owners for company’s liabilities
• Possibility to sell the business (form accepted by investors)
• No need to pay ZUS (social security)
• Thanks to optimization double taxation is avoided


Wide portfolio of served companies allowed our accountant to specialize in certain branches. Once cooperation is established, you will be served by accountant specialized in your branch.

Access to

To spare your time, we are offering well-priced, additional services like debt collection, financing, legal advisory.