in real time
Tax simulation VAT, CIT, PIT - 24 hours from the first document!
Before the accountant approves your tax, you have knowledge about tax forecasts at every stage of the accounting process.
Settlements with suppliers and customers - updated 4 times a day!
Thanks to online integration with your bank and artificial intelligence algorithms, we automatically settle your settlements 4 times a day.
Payment of taxes, salaries and invoices of contractors on 1 click!
Eliminating the routine activities of our clients is our priority. You make transfers from our application in 1 click.
*Real-time accounting on offer from July 25, 2021
We are a leader on the Polish market of modern solutions in the field of optimizing the flow of accounting information. We offer our clients an unprecedented standard of accounting reporting in real time, which completely changes the perception of the accounting office by entrepreneurs.
Michał Ruszniak
Dyrektor Działu Księgowego
Accounting Director